What Xaler Offers

Xaler provides specialized intravenous sedation to both pediatric and adult patients, giving them a better experience and a faster recovery.
The Xaler platform is an easy-to-use booking system, that will save you time and effort in booking sedation cases.
We provide access to a team of highly trained specialist doctors, with skills and experience in procedural sedation.
All sedations are performed using specialized Xaler kits which include state of the art equipment, and industry leading safety policies and procedures.
Xaler prides itself on its culture of continuous improvement focusing on safety, training, and an inclusive team environment.

How It Works

Once you are referred to us we will contact you to give you more information around our services and confirm that you wish to proceed.


The Xaler team will visit you and your staff onsite, to begin your onboarding journey.

Identify & Discuss

If you identify a patient who could benefit from intravenous sedation, refer them to us and Xaler will provide educational materials to start the conversation.

Booking your patient

Enter your patients details into our easy to use booking platform. Our team will keep you up to date each step of the way.

Xaler Team

Our team will contact the patient directly to organize all aspects of the sedation. This includes pre-anesthetic checks, medical and financial consent, and billing.

Day of Procedure

On the day of the procedure, our doctor will come to your dental practice. Using our drugs and equipment, they will perform the sedation and monitor the patient until they are safe to go home.

After the procedure

Our team is available 24/7 for post-sedation advice. After every case we seek feedback from the dentist, doctor and patient, looking for ways to improve our care.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

To find out more about the services Xaler offer, please contact us via the Contact Us form.

Our team will contact you to organise a visit to your practice. The team will sit down and discuss the process with you and your team, and will also assess your practice regarding suitability for intravenous sedation.

Xaler provides complimentary educational patient materials to help facilitate an informed discussion.

Xaler will also provide direct to patient education material following a referral.

Furthermore, our specialist doctors will provide an in-depth pre-anaesthetic consult with the patient to ensure all questions are answered.

Xaler is not suitable for all practices. Our specialised team will visit your practice to review the setup and assess the appropriateness for IV sedation.

The main limiting factor for a practice tends to be access related. i.e. inability for a ambulance gurney to access the practice. 

No. Xaler Health does not have any restrictions on the minimum number of patients or lists that need to be committed to.

Xaler provides all consumables, pharmaceuticals, and emergency equipment for each patient. All you need to do is focus on providing the best dental care possible, and we will do the rest. 

Xaler can supply portable oxygen or help facilitate installation of wall oxygen at your practice.

Xaler can assist with providing an end-to-end solution for you and your patients.

All Xaler staff are trained in critical care medicine (anaesthetics, intensive care, and emergency medicine) and are able to provide hospital level care, pre-hospital. Our unique medical kits are designed and built to deal with any medical emergency encountered with an anaesthetic environment. Our kit carries state of the art anaesthetic equipment, medications, and emergency equipment including defibrillator, end-tidal CO2 monitoring, intubation, and ventilation equipment.

Xaler covers all costs associated with the provision of IV sedation. There is no cost to the dental practice for providing this service.

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